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Thank you, Heroku!

Mon, 07 Nov 2022 21:40:00 +0000

For 13 years, I've hosted my articles on Heroku.

It was a great experience. Not only Heroku was kind enough to offer free hosting for Ruby apps all that time, but publishing a new article was only a "git push" operation. I haven't experienced a single problem in all those years.

I think I talk on behalf of the Ruby Community when I say Heroku provided a very valuable resource for Rubyists for all those years and it's still a great platform for existing and new projects, not only for Rubyists but for many other supported languages as well.

On Nov 22th, 2022, however, Heroku is no longer providing a free plan, which is certainly understandable.

When I got communicated about this change, I also realized it would be a good idea to actually use my own domain. Also, it has been some years since I last used Rails and my site was still running in an older version of Rails, so I decided it would be a good idea to rewrite it in Roda, which is what I've been using for the past 4 years at least.

Finally, I decided to test whether the e2-micro Google Cloud Platform compute engine type would be enough for running my site. It's very light, so I thought it would worth a try, since I can currently run it for free using the Free Tier of Google Cloud Platform.

That's how I moved the site to

In the process of rewriting my site, I thought it would be an opportunity to also open-source it.

My site is currently split in 3 projects: a gem providing the main features, a Roda app that uses this gem, and my articles in markdown format, which are saved in yet another repository.

Right now all 3 repositories are private, but I intend to open-source the gem as soon as I finish the remaining features I'd like to add besides adding some documentation. Then, I also intend to open-source the Roda app that uses that gem at some point, although I don't think most people would be interested on this one. For the articles repository, I'm not planning to open-source it for now since I think no one would actually benefit from it.

If you find any issues on the new site, please report on the comments section.

By the way, I'm not intending to import the Disqus discussions on my articles at Heroku. The old site is still available until Nov 29th, so feel free to check any discussions there while it's still possible.

I also intend to remove some old articles soon, in the cases I think they would no longer be relevant nowadays.

Once again, thank you very much, Heroku, for all those years hosting my site. I really appreciate it! <3

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